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If you want to add a stunning feature in your home that will bring ambience and warmth but do not have a flue or chimney, the Burley Image may well be the perfect option for you. As a flueless appliance, you can fit this model on to a flat wall in rooms at least 30m³ in size (length x width x height) and with an a 100cm² air vent and benefit from a real flame picture and 100% efficiency!

Simply hang on to a flat wall or if you have depth to recess the fire, it can be semi-inset. The Image 4237 features brushed steel side panels with a modern pebble fuel bed set behind a glass front. The Image 4237 now comes with a Cavity Wall Box as standard with the product.

All Burley flueless gas fires incorporate a catalytic converter which is coated with rare metals. Oxygen ‘sticks’ to the coating. If a carbon monoxide molecule meets it, the oxygen converts the carbon monoxide to carbon dioxide (which is harmless and is present in fresh air). Burley has NEVER had a catalytic converter fail or need replacing.

Flueless fires gently dissipate heat throughout the entire house. A small air vent regulates air into the room which is being heated. This heated air dissipates away from the fire and circulates around the house.

Burley introduced fixed flueless gas fires to Britain in 1999. Although the concept is relatively new in this country, fixed flueless gas fires have a long established history in Japan (where there are 40 million), the United States (approximately 20 million) and Australia.

Models available for either Natural Gas or LPG properties. Manual control as standard with option to upgrade to Remote control.


Efficiency 100%
Direct Heat Output 2.5kW
Control Manual
Fuel Bed Pebble
Thermostat Yes


Burley Image Width Height Depth
Overall Dimensions 632mm
Inset Dimensions 338mm


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