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Gazco Riva2 530 & 670 Designio2 Steel Gas Fires


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The Gazco Designio2 Steel is a tasteful frame that has been thoughtfully shaped for the Riva2 530 and 670 gas fires. This elegant frame sports a simple yet sophisticated design.

Finished in a choice of stylish Graphite or smart Iridium, the Designio2 Steel gas fire offers you a complete focal point with a thoroughly contemporary and cutting edge look that will complement many interiors and decors.

Pair it with one of the three linings, in brick effect, black glass, vermiculite and black reeded that are available with the Riva2 530 and 670 gas fire range to craft your very own fire, tailored to you and your home.

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Brand Gazco
Finishes Graphite, Iridium
Linings Vermiculite, Brick Effect, Black Reeded, Black Glass
Fuel Bed Logs
Command Controls Programmable Thermostatic remote control
Conventional Flue
Balanced Flue



Fire Choices




CF BF Width Height



Riva2 530 -

Conventional Flue

75% 5.1kW 608mm 704mm Top 127mm (5")

Riva2 530 -

Balanced Flue

82% 5.4kW 608mm 704mm Top 152mm (6")

Riva2 670 -

Conventional Flue

75% 5.1kW 735mm 569mm Top 127mm (5")

Riva2 670 -

Balanced Flue

82% 5.4kW 735mm 569mm Top 152mm (6")


RIVA2 530 & 670 GAS FIRES

The Gazco Riva2 530 and Riva2 670 gas fires offer you extensive and exciting options to help you create the perfect look for your home and taste. Both the portrait 530 and the landscape 670 have an impressive heat output of up to 5.7kW and a high efficiency rating of 84%, all fully operated via a Programmable Thermostatic remote control that offers handy programming functions.

The realistic log-effect gas fire can be paired with a choice of four linings, each creating a distinctly different look for the fire that can be further enhanced by a wide choice of contemporary frame options.

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