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ESSE 1 has all the basic functionality you would hope for from a stove. Simple to use, it provides plenty of heat for a room, and we’ve used modern technology to make it as clean burning as we can, so there’s very little wasted fuel. That means less ash for you to clear out after using it, less smoke to wipe away, but most importantly, more heat and better efficiency for the cost. In fact, the ESSE 1 is so clean burning that, if you’re using the correct fuel sources, it’s smoke control area approved. Even in an area where ordinary fireplaces can’t be used, ESSE 1 provides warmth in a clean, environmentally friendly manner.


Width 410

Height 511

Depth 380

Flue Diameter 125

Flue Outlet Top or Rear

Suitable for use in smoke control areas Yes

Tertiary Air Yes

Flue Draft Test Point Yes

Adjustable Feet Yes

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