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Cougar Ivory Enamel Multi Fuel Stove


The Cougar Ivory Enamel is an elegant cast-iron multi-fuel stove with a modern feel and robust performance.

Designed and engineered to be extremely efficient and environmentally friendly, this stove is freestanding and will grace any room and be equally at home in a traditional or contemporary setting.

A multi-fuel grate allows the Cougar Ivory Enamel to burn seasoned wood and smokeless fuels. An interchangeable flue outlet allows the stove to be connected from the top or to the rear.

This stove also benefits from triple burn technology consisting of Primary Air Burn (control on door), Airwash Secondary Burn (lever above door) and Tertiary Air (under the door).

The tertiary air system mixes pre-heated air with the exhaust gases allowing the exhaust gas to re-ignite producing a cleaner and more efficient stove.


Nominal Heat Output up to 5kW

Construction Cast-iron

Weight 99kg

Fuel Outlet Top & Rear (125mm)

Efficiency Wood 74.7%

Efficiency Smokeless Fuel 77.4%

Air Vent Required No

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