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Belgravia Fireplace Fronts


The Belgravia Cast London Front is available in Matt Black or Polished cast iron.

An optional insert panel with either a 16″ W x 22″ H (405 x 560mm) or 22″ W x 22″ H (560 x 560mm) cut-out allows you to use the Belgravia Cast London front with a modern chairbrick fireplace or a choice of Gazco Logic™ and E-Box™ gas fires.


Brand Stovax
Cast Iron construction
Available Finishes Matt Black, Polished



Overall Width Overall Height Opening (W x H) Depth
1016mm (40") 1016mm (40") 660mm (26") x 749mm (29 1/2") 32mm (1 1/2")


As the Georgian era developed, increasing numbers of the more wealthy landowners started to build or lease ‘town houses’ in London. The fireplace in these homes still retained its place as the focus of the room but was, of necessity, generally smaller than the grand, open chimneys incorporated into the ‘ancestral seat’. Initially, the brick opening of the town house fireplace would contain an elaborate fire basket. Progressively, however, the addition of a cast front which could decrease, hide or improve the look of the opening became a typical feature.

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