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Why Install A Wood Burning Stove in Summer?

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Why Install A Wood Burning Stove in Summer?

When we think about the joy that a wood burning stove brings to us, we probably picture them in the winter months. After all, nothing beats snuggling up in front of the fire on a cold winters day. So, sales of wood-burning stoves must go down in the summer, right? Well actually, summer is one of the best times to buy a wood burning stove because:

  • It's cost effective – Yes, typically summer is 'low season' for all types of fire, as people are usually enjoying the hot weather outside and lighting a fire is the last thing on their mind. This means that many fireplace showrooms will have offers on. At Fireplaces and Stoves, for example, we have a complete stove package which we will deliver to your home for just £1299. This includes a Firefox stove, a slate hearth, stove pipe and so on. This is a really popular deal with many of our customers as they just have to organise installation - which we also offer.
  • It's a good time for home improvements – summer is generally all about sunny days, lighter nights and hopefully a bit of time off work (fingers crossed). This all means that it is a great time to do some home improvements. Having a clear out and tidy up, and sorting out some DIY is a great idea before it starts getting colder and we go into hibernation mode! So while you are working through all those other to-dos on your list, why not get a wood burner installed as well, in advance of 'high season' when you may have to wait weeks for an installation date? You could save a bit of money as well by doing some of the prep work in advance and then you can...
  • Avoid silly season – when summer is over and everyone's thoughts turn to Christmas, people suddenly start to realise how lovely it would be to have a wood burning stove – and that is when the orders start piling in. From the start of September to Christmas Even we are pretty much rushed off our feet every year, and so by planning ahead you will avoid this rush.
  • You will learn more – Lighting and running your stove successfully takes some practice, and so having your wood burner installed in the summer means that by the time Christmas does role around, you will have got the hang of it. You will have the right quality wood in stock, you will also know all about moisture meters, thermo-electric fans and stove pipe thermometers (and you will then have the chance to pop them on your Christmas list!)
  • You may actually use your fireplace – just because it is summer, does not necessarily mean it is warmer (despite the heatwave we are experiencing at the moment). So, on those chilly evenings when you don't really want to turn the heating on but you need a little something to warm you up, it can be really satisfying to light multifuel stoves. You will really feel the benefit in spring and autumn as well, when the whole family gather together in the same room to feel the warmth.
  • Save on your energy bills – You can't have failed to notice that energy prices are creeping up on a regular basis, and the major energy companies seem in no hurry to stop this happening. Having a wood burning stove installed means that you can start to claw back control of your bills by using your wood burning stove more, and your central heating less.
  • You can make a head start on seasoning your wood - in order to keep your wood burner in tip-top condition, you need to make sure that the wood you use in it is of good quality, has had time to dry, and has been cut and stored in a way which encourages it to dry out. This not only helps to ensure your burn is more efficient and hotter, but it will also prevent your chimney flue from getting clogged up with creosote.  Ideally wood needs to be seasoned for about 18 months before it is used, so the sooner you start preparing it, the better.


If you are thinking about getting a stove of any kind, including stovax stoves, then check out the range at Fireplaces and Stoves. If you need any more information you can contact us on 01704 566 611 or call in at our showroom at 114 Eastbourne Road, Southport, PR8 4EA.

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