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The Fireplaces Southport Guide to Summer Fireplaces

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The Fireplaces Southport Guide to Summer Fireplaces

Winter is all about fire for us - nothing beats getting that fire going and sitting in front of the roaring flames on a cold winter's day (or night). The warmth, the cosy glow, the focal point to the room, the homely feel - we could go on! However, winter is behind us now and we are hurtling head first into summer. The days are getting longer and we are spending more time outside than indoors. So where does that leave our beautiful fireplaces from Southport? Forgotten and unloved in the corner? No way! Now is the best time to take a good long look at your fireplace and make it a feature to be proud of all year round!

Add some colour

The spring and summer months are a great time to refresh your decor, as your fire is probably not going to be used for a while (although some of the summer evenings can get chilly!) A fresh coat of your existing paint can really freshen a room up, or you could really push the boat out and choose a completely different colour to give your room a different feel for the new season. One trend we have seen a lot of this year is painting the fire surround in the same colour as the wall, to really tie the whole scheme together and make it a real feature.

Now depending on which bit of your fire you are painting, you may need to purchase some specialist paint. If you are just painting the mantelpiece (which tends to be wood) then there is usually no need to buy special paint as they tend not to be affected by heat. Just sand it down, prime it, and then paint it in your chosen colour. If you have a brick surround that you are getting a bit tired of, then you can give this a new lease of life with a water-based primer followed by paint. If, however, you want to paint anywhere that will get hot or that the flames may touch (such as the grate) then you will need specialist heat-resistant paint.

Use Wallpaper

Another way to spruce up your fireplace for the summer is to add some wallpaper to your room. Adding a stunning paper to your chimney breast wall can make the fire an eye-catching centrepiece of your room even when it is not in use. You could use a paper that tones in with the rest of the room for a subtle effect, or something that is really high impact for a touch of drama.

Install a multi-fuel stove

We have been supplying multi-fuel stoves in Southport for many years now and a lot of people prefer them to other types of stove as they tend to be more efficient. An open fire has to work quite hard to suck the warm air out of your room and replace it with cold air from outside. A multi-fuel stove, on the other hand, is much more efficient and can give you three times the amount of heat in winter. They also don't tend to produce as much ash as an open fire and don't emit smoke into your room either. 

Install a new fire surround

Just because your fire came with a surround it doesn't mean that you have to stick with it. Choosing a new fire surround or even doing away with the surround completely can be a quick way to freshen up your room and can give your fire a new lease on life as well. We have a wide variety of fire surrounds available at Fireplaces and Stoves, so we are sure to have something to fit your scheme.

Show your fireplace some love

You probably dress your fire up for Christmas, so why not show it the same amount of attention in the warmer months? Add some colour and scent with fresh flowers and plants, and maybe some battery powered lights or candles for a gentle glow once the sun goes down.

There are lots of ways to get the most out of your fire this summer, whatever type of fire it is. For more information on any of our products, including gas fires Southport, please call the friendly team today on 01704 566 611.

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