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How to Choose the Right Dimplex Fireplace for Your Home

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How to Choose the Right Dimplex Fireplace for Your Home

A Dimplex fireplace is the focal point of many living rooms all over the country, and so when you buy one it is important that you keep in mind your home’s décor and style as well. One of the first things you need to decide is whether you want an Electric or Gas fire and then you can think about the style and design of the fireplace as well. Just take a minute to browse our website and you will see that there are a lot of fireplaces to choose from, and some of them will be more suitable for you than others.

Before we talk about fireplaces, let’s have a look at the different types of fires.

Electric Fire

Electric fires are popular because they give you the look of a real fire with the convenience of just being able to flick a switch to get them on. They not only give you a lot of flexibility in terms of style, but you can also move them around your room fairly easily if you change your furniture around or even if you want to move it to a different room. As electric fires don’t use combustible fuels, they don’t emit any harmful gases, such as carbon dioxide or carbon monoxide.

However, it is important to remember that the flames on an electric fire won’t look as realistic as they do on a gas fire, and typically more expensive as well.

Gas Fire

Gas fires are similar to electric fires in that they are very easy to light and maintain, and also flexible in terms of location. They will also operate in a power cut, unlike electric fires. There are many different styles available – both modern and traditional – and they are slightly cheaper to run than electric fires.

One thing to think about is whether you have a gas line running into your home or not as if you don’t and you do opt for a gas fire, then you will need to use LPG gas which will have to be stored outside.

Wood Burners

Nothing comes close to a wood burner in terms of them being the real thing – you will get the crackle of the flames and the real smell of wood burning. They do tend to have a more traditional feel than other fires and can add a real atmosphere to your space.

They can be higher maintenance than an electric or gas fire, and you will need to acquire the knack of lighting it, as well as undertaking regular inspections and maintenance to ensure they are safe. They are also not as heat-efficient as electric or gas fires although nothing can beat them in terms of cosiness.

Now that you have hopefully decided on the type of fire you want, let's take a look at the available styles.

Contemporary Fireplaces

If you have a very modern home then you will probably want your fireplace to reflect that, rather than being a traditional fireplace of an intricate design which would probably look out of place. Simple is often better in contemporary homes with chrome and metallic styles working well as they also tend to go with most colours of décor as well. To really go all out on the contemporary aspect, you could go for a wall mounted or hole in the wall fireplace. They are real statement fireplaces as they are so different from anything else out there, and they are very sleek as well.

You not only have to think about the fire itself, but also the surround as this will add to the general overall look. In a modern home, many people go for black granite, limestone and micro marble as these are contemporary materials that can look very eye-catching.

Traditional Fireplaces

If all the discussion about contemporary fireplaces is leaving you cold (see what we did there?) then you probably live in a home which is more traditional. Well don’t worry, we have lots of period styles available that will look wonderful in your home. The most traditional fire of all is probably the open fire, which is perfect if your home has a chimney. However, if you don’t have a chimney then you could opt for a gas fire instead or one of the many regular inset fires with a black or gold finish – which will look fabulous in any home.

A freestanding or outset gas fire also has a traditional feel to them, with a certain amount of old-world charm. They also operate with a higher efficiency so that more heat actually goes into heating your home.

For a truly period feel though you need to make sure you choose the right surround, A wooden or cast-iron fire surround will add a real touch of class to your fireplace and your home, with an Edwardian or Victorian feel. To really put the cherry on the cake you should choose some fireplace tiles to really give it that lovely period look.

Here at Fireplaces & Stoves, we stock a wide range of electric fires, gas fires, multi-fuel and wood burning stoves as well as paragon gas fire spares. Take a good look online or at our showroom to find the perfect fire for you.

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