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Guide to Fire Maintenance Using Legend Gas Fire Spares

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Guide to Fire Maintenance Using Legend Gas Fire Spares

Installing a fireplace in your home instantly makes it the focal point of the room, and creates a stunning feature whether your property is traditional or modern in style.  However, keeping your fireplace looking as great as the day it was installed can be a difficult job as regular cleaning and maintenance need to be undertaken - tasks which many homeowners ignore. At Fireplaces and Stoves, we stock a range of legend gas fire spares which can help you undertake these tasks, and so in this article, we have pulled together some of our top tips:

Wood Burning Stove Tips

Wood Burning Stoves are really popular these days as the cosy look of the roaring fire suits both modern and traditional properties.  However, while a wood burning stove is a great way to add charm and character to a room, it can also create a mess as well if a lot of ash is created, and so fireplace maintenance is really important here. To keep on top of your wood burning stove maintenance you should:

  • Carefully remove all of the internal parts (such as the grate) on a regular basis and gently vacuum up the ash and debris with a specially designed ash vacuum cleaner. Do not use your domestic vacuum as this will make even more of a mess.
  • After you have vacuumed up the ash, you should give the inside of the stove a quick brush over with a wire brush to remove any stubborn debris, and then vacuum this debris away.
  • Do not use any abrasive cleaning solutions on the outside of the stove as this can cause damage.

Electric Stove Tips

Modern electric stoves have been designed in such a way to remove the need for a chimney or burning logs which means there is less dust and debris created than with a wood burning stove, for example. So you will generally just need to do a little light dusting on the exterior of the fire to keep cobwebs and dirt to a minimum.

  • To clean the interior of your electric fire, make sure the fire is turned off and cool and then take the screws of the front plate and carefully remove it so that you can access the fireplace interior.
  • Then carefully clean any dust, cobwebs or dirt from the blower and grill area of your fire, taking extra care over the fan assembly as this tends to be the main culprit when it comes to dust collection.
  • Once the interior is clean, make sure you screw the front plate back on correctly according to the manufacturer's instructions.

Gas Fire Tips

If you have a gas fire installed in your home, like one of our Oer stoves for example, then you will already know that there is no mess from soot or ash. However, similar to an electric stove, dirt and debris can accumulate on the inside of the fireplace and so it is important to keep on top of cleaning it.

  • Again, ensure that the gas fire is completely switched off before you start any cleaning or maintenance task.
  • Ensure the glass is clean, using our glass cleaner, available from the Legend Gas Fire Spares range.
  • Give your logs and accessories a good dust and then rearrange them to look good
  • Remove any cobwebs and dust using a clean cloth making sure you focus on the fan area and any vents as they will be the dirtiest.

Cleaning Glass Screens

If you have a pet or children in your home then a glass screen is vital, whatever type of fire you have. However, stains can build up on your glass door or cover over time, due to a build-up of ash that is released from the fire. To ensure you clean the glass properly, you need to use the correct products and a little bit of elbow grease!

At Fireplaces and Stoves, we stock Glass Cleaner and a Stove Care Pack, both of which feature non-abrasive products. All you need to do is spray the solution on a crumpled up piece of newspaper, dip the wet part into the ash (yes really) and then work this onto the glass in circular motions. As you are doing this you should begin to notice the stains on the glass are breaking down.  Repeat this task again, before wiping your glass clean with a clean paper towel.

A well-maintained fireplace is surely a beautiful thing, and whether you go for an Oer Stove or a Pudsey Marble Fire you need to look after it in order to ensure it does not damage the look of your home. Following the above tips is a good way to help enable you to enjoy your fire for longer.

If you'd like more information on any of our fires or spares, then please call our friendly team today on 01704 566 611.

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