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Guide to Buying an Electric Stove

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When it comes to buying a fire, the choice can often seem a little overwhelming, as technology has changed so much in recent years. Fires of all types have grown in popularity recently as not only are they a fantastic source of heat but they can also be a beautiful addition to the interior of your home. Before you jump into buying a fire for your home though, you may be interested in finding out a bit more about the humble electric stove and why you should maybe consider it over the wood burning stoves that are so popular at the moment.

Added Character

One thing you will probably notice when you come to buy an electric stove is the wide variety of choice available to you. Not only do electric stoves come in traditional designs, but also in ultra-modern designs too, which gives you the option to buy the right style of fire for your chosen interior design. With some other types of fire, the style choice you have can be quite limited, whereas an electric stove will not only offer you a wide variety of style choice, but they are much less hassle to look after than other fires as well. There are very few places that an electric fire cannot go, and once installed it will add charm to your space and make it into a warm and inviting room very quickly.

Hassle-Free Maintenance

As we touched on in the point above, an electric stove present far less hassle for you in terms of maintenance than other fires. Wood burning stoves, for example, call for a lot more maintenance than an electric stove does. Traditional fires need to use a chimney which tends to call for a lot of maintenance, as you will not only have to deal with soot, ash, and smoke, but also the release of carbon monoxide which many people consider to be a pollutant.

With an electric stove, the only real maintenance you will have to undertake is to change a light bulb every now and again and keep the fan clear of dust.

No Need to a Flue or Fuel  

One of the biggest benefits of an electric stove versus a more traditional type of stove is that you don’t need to have a chimney to be able to fit it. Electric fires tend to be more portable than wood-burning fires as well and so you can position them just about anywhere – as long as there is a plug socket nearby! You also don’t need to keep buying wood to fuel the fire, and making sure you have enough in stock to keep you going, you just need to make sure that you keep paying your electricity bill. And the fact that you don’t have to add fuel to your fire, also means that you don’t have to mess around with lugging large pieces of wood through your house or sweeping up ashes.

Offers Instant Heat

Just like when you turn the tv on or switch on the radio when you flick the switch on your electric fire you should feel the instant heat. You can then just relax and enjoy the fire without having to move a muscle, as one of the most common fireplace accessories is a remote control which allows you to adjust your fireplace settings from wherever you are sitting.

The other benefit connected to electric fires and heat is that on some models you can have the flame flickering with no heat being generated, so you can still enjoy the comfort that the look of a fire brings even in the warmest of weathers.

Safety First

One of the main concerns for anyone who is purchasing a fireplace is safety, whether you live alone have a large family. Due to the fact that electric fires do not rely on fuel to produce heat, you will not be faced with any safety issues to do with carbon monoxide or carbon dioxide. There are also no radiators to deal with which can sometimes leak or combust, and there are virtually no parts to wear out either – which all add to the list of safety benefits.

Ease of Installation

Installing an electric stove is often quite simple – just plug it in and you are away. Electric fires can often be installed in a matter of minutes, just plug them in and away you go. Whether you have an old or a new property, it doesn’t matter, an electric stove is an inexpensive way to get a cosy fire into your home.

At Fireplaces and Stoves, we take great pride in being able to offer our customers a wide range of products, from esse stoves to electric stoves. If you want to find out more about any of our stoves then please get in touch with our friendly team on 01704 566 611.

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