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Dimplex Stoves and Other Electric Fires

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Dimplex Stoves and Other Electric Fires

We are coming up to the coldest time of the year, and there are many people out the who associate a warm and cosy home with a glowing fire. There is no better sound than a fire crackling in the background, as we spend time with our families, snuggled up safe and warm. However, many people are put off from investing in electric fires, such as Dimplex Stoves, as they hold outdated beliefs about them. So, let’s take a closer look at some of the most commonly believed myths about electric fires, and see if we can bust some of them.

Myth: Electric fires are not energy efficient

Many people still believe that electric fireplaces are not energy efficient as they consume a high amount of energy – but this is a myth. If we base our calculations on average standard tariff electricity rates then the total cost to operate both the flame and heater of an average 2kW Stovax Fireplace for two hours is just two pounds. Also, electric is 100% efficient and so all of the inputted energy is converted to heat and flame effect with no wastage, and so the associated costs are not wasted either.

Myth: Electric fires are not realistic

It is true that when electric fires were first invented they did not look very realistic, but times have moved on since then. Years of innovation and research by the major fireplace companies, such as Kinder Fires,  means that nowadays there are a wealth of beautiful electric fires to choose from that are incredibly realistic. There are even technologies out there that mimic traditional wood-burning fireplaces and are so good that people often mistake them for the real thing. The plus side to this is that you get the associated benefits and features of an electric fire, with the appearance of a wood burning stove.

Myth: Electric fires do not put out a lot of heat

Again, technology has moved on at such a pace now, that all electric fireplaces now produce a gentle warming glow that will evenly heat your space due to the presence of very quiet fan heaters. Obviously, the exact amount of space that can be warmed up will depend on the exact model of fire you have and its output, but the average electric fire of 1.5 kilowatts will heat a room of approximately 150 square foot. One of the benefits of having an electric fire is that it doesn’t need a chimney to ventilate it which means that no heat can escape through a chimney or open vent, and so this makes it more efficient as all of the heat will be directed back into your room.

Myth: Electric fires are only useful in winter

People tend to think that you can’t have a flame in a fire without there being heat, but this isn’t always the case. With electric fires, heat and flame can be operated separately from each other which means that you can enjoy the ambiance that a fire creates all year round – not just in the winter. So, in the summer you can run the flame effect in the evening, which will only cost you a few pennies, but still, give you the fire effect. Similarly, you can run the heat without the flame if you wish, which will allow you to stay warm, without having the flame on.

Myth: Electric fire installation is a hassle

A large number of fires these days don’t even require you to have a fireplace in your home, you can just plug them in and so installation takes only minutes – meaning you save on installation costs as well. Compared to gas fires, therefore, electric fire installation is quick, easy and simple, you don’t need a specialist installer to fit it, and you can move the fire to wherever you like in your room.

Myth: Nobody buys electric fires these days

A lot of people believe that the demand for electric fires died out with the introduction of central heating as people will prefer gas fires to match their heating system– but this is just not the case. Research shows that over 57% of electric fires that are purchased are installed in homes with gas central heating. This could be because electric fires are safe and relatively maintenance free compared to gas fires and they are also easier to install as well.

If you are looking to purchase an electric fire for your home, then please come and take a look in the store. We have a wide range of branded electric fires to choose from, including Kinder Fires. There are so many styles available, there is surely something to suit everyone.

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