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Celsi Stoves: Why Choose One?

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The Celsi Stoves that we offer is one of our most popular ranges of electric fires as not only are they really stylish, but they are very affordable too. After all, you can't beat snuggling up in front of a fire. But with such a wide array of designs, and fuel types available why would you choose an electric Celsi stove over a gas fire?

The age-old debate of gas fire vs electric fire still rumbles on. Over the years, advances in both design and technology have meant that both types of fire are high performing, environmentally friendly and stylish. So, when it comes down to choosing which one you should go for in your home, it is important to know the pro's and cons of each so that you can make a more informed decision. At the end of the day, it really is a personal choice and comes down to whether you want your fire to offer effective heating or just be more of a focal point.

Electric Fires

Electric fires, such as those in our Celsi range, are relatively new to the fireplace market and were developed as an alternative to gas fires or the now commonplace log fire.  They can look fantastic, and are offered in a wide range of designs to suit all decorative tastes, and are easily installed for a relatively low cost in a space where there is already an electricity supply.  However, the one downside of electric fires is that they don't tend to kick out as much heat as the other options.

Electric Fires tend to work well in modern buildings where there is less space and there isn't the option for a chimney or a flue. They are low-cost and low-fuss and are really starting to compete on the design now. A lot of people are realising that actually, they are a great option for many homes as they offer you the flexibility to recess into false chimney breasts or quickly install them in existing fireplaces.

The electric fire market is really starting to take off now as people have also realised that they don't carry the same health and safety risks as gas fires do, they are low maintenance and they are really easy to clean.

Gas Fires

Gas fires have long been the traditional way of heating homes, and burn gas from your domestic gas supply in exchange for heat.  Again, they offer you the warming effect of a flickering flame, without the fuss and mess of a solid fuel option. Some people have been put off gas fires in the past due to the fact that they need a chimney, but actually, nowadays there are other options. Take a look at our Flavel Atlanta balanced flue gas fire for example.  The fact that it is a balanced flue model means that it doesn't need an existing fireplace in order to be installed, it just needs an outside wall.

The benefits of a gas fire are that not only do you get natural flames and real heat, but you also tap into a higher fuel efficiency as they can heat larger rooms more quickly than an electric fire will.  They will also still provide heat even if there is a power cut. The most important thing to remember is that your gas fire needs to be installed and maintained by a Gas Safe approved engineer. It might also be a good idea to have a carbon monoxide in the same room as the fire to make sure you keep yourself and the rest of your family safe. 

Running Costs

One of the most important things to consider when choosing between a gas and an electric fire is what your budget is.  When you are looking at running costs you need to take into account both fuel and efficiency rating.  The estimated cost of heating a room can be found by multiplying the efficiency rating by the fuel needed per kW. The cost of using the fire is therefore calculated by the heat input of the fire multiplied by the fuel per kW.

Gas fires are typically believed to be the more cost-effective solution, due to their heat efficiency meaning you will use less fuel and so should have lower energy costs. However, although electricity is one of the more expensive heating fuels, you can get around this by just running the lighting effect on the fire without the heating element - although this begs the question as to why you would buy a fire in the first place!

For more information on any of our electric or gas stoves, including our range of Michael Miller fireplaces, please give the friendly team a call today on 01704 566 611.

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