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Brand Spotlight: Gazco Stoves

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 Gazco Stoves

We work with a wide range of fire manufacturers here at Fireplaces and Stoves, and one of the things we like to do it to build a relationship with them and get to know a bit more about them. So, we thought it might be worthwhile to share some of this information with you so you can get to know a bit more about the company who made your stove. So, first up is Gazco Stoves.

Gazco originally started life in 1981 as a company called Stovax which was based in Exeter in the UK, and their main focus at that time was the manufacture and distribution of wood-burning and multi-fuel stoves, along with a fantastic range of fireside accessories as well. The company grew and grew and by 1988, the owners knew that diversify if they wanted to keep appealing to more and more people, and so they diversified into gas-fired versions of the Stovax Stoves and named the new branch of the company Gazco.

Both companies still exist to this day and work side-by-side to supply us with a fantastic range of multi-fuel and gas-fired stoves which are suitable for a wide range of uses. Gazco and Stovex are both renowned for beautiful designs and amazing quality and so if you are looking for a gas fireplace then Gazco should be one of the first brands you look at. They not only provide us with beautiful fireplaces but their customer service is pretty awesome too if we ever have a problem.

Since 1988, the Gazco and Stovex businesses have just grown and grown, and they are now one of the leading manufacturers of fires, stoves, and fireplaces in the whole of Europe. This success led them to be able to purchase a long-standing existing manufacturer of wood-burning stoves names Yeoman, which enabled them to provide stoves with a more rustic style than they had previously. They now have three brands all working together, meaning they can provide a wide range of fires, fireplaces, and stoves to countries the world over.

Gazco keeps a close eye on the fire market, and have realised that at the moment there is a focus on wood as a fuel, as the more common fossil fuels that have been used in the past are becoming sorely depleted and wood is seen as a carbon-neutral and renewable energy source that doesn’t cost a lot.  To this end, Stovex will continue to provide their highly efficient fires and stoves while also keeping an eye on developments in the alternative technologies that may be used in coming years. Gazco is also making advancements in the field of highly realistic flame-effect fireplaces and high-efficiency gas fire technology to ensure they stay at the forefront of the market.

Key Dates in the Development of Gazco

1981 – Stovax was formed. The company based in Exeter began designing and distributing cast iron woodburning stoves and accessories.

1982 – The Brunel & Sheraton cast iron Stove ranges were developed, and they still remain as part of the product mix to this day. 

1985 – Stovax launches a range of Classic Fireplaces to appeal to the demand for more Victorian style interior products. This range of cast iron fireplaces was based on original period designs and was offered with a range of Victorian Fireplace tiles and solid wooden mantlepieces as well.

1987 – By now the company is so large that it moves to larger warehouse premises in Sowton, Exeter where it also opens its first trade showroom as well.

1988 – The Victorian range of cast iron stoves proves so popular, that the company decided to form a subsidiary company offering decorative gas fires – to be known as Gazo

1991 – Gazco becomes the first company to offer customers the Variable Flame Control (VFC) system which allows them to adjust the effect and height of the flame on their gas fire. This significant advance in the world of gas fires is incorporated into a variety of designs which were 16” wide as this was the standard size of most fireplace openings at this time.

1993 – Gazco is the first company in the UK to introduce remote controls for your gas fire

1998 – Having done so well in the first 5 years of business, Gazco moves its factory allowing it to more than double its manufacturing capability

2003 – Gazco develops the first inset (or hole-in-the-wall) fireplace to be sold in the UK – named the Riva Cassette

2004 – Gazco launch a contemporary gas fire named Linea, which has an unusual flame effect, which very quickly becomes popular

2006 – Gazco launches a range of contemporary, large-format gas fires which are designed to be easily installed.

2008 – Gazco launch two ranges of high-efficiency fires named E-Studio and E-Box. These are designed to be quick and easy to install, and also offer efficiencies of up to 86%

2011 – Introducing the latest highly realistic flame-effect technology, Gazco revamps its whole range of electric fires and stoves

2015 – Gazco launches a range of fires featuring contemporary styling options and a mood lighting system. In the same year, they also launch their most realistic gas fire yet, the Reflex 75T.

2018 – So far this year, Gazco has not only opened a brand new manufacturing facility with state-of-the-art tooling but they have also won a ‘Best Heating Product’ award for their Riva2 500HL fire from Your Home.

Now that you know all about Gazco stoves, why not come and have a look at them or our other ranges of fires including Flavel stoves? You can find us at 114 Eastbourne Road, Southport, PR8 4EA

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