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How To Select Best Electric Fireplace for Your Home

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As the leading fireplace and stove supplier in Southport we find that many customers are overwhelmed by the incredible selection that we offer. Fireplace designs come in so many different styles, one of which is electric . Electric fireplaces are ideal for many reasons, such as reducing allergies and creating a unique style, but that doesn’t counteract the overwhelm of sorting through them all!

If you’re looking for an electric fireplace, and not sure what to keep in mind, then consider the following before making your purchase.

The location of the installation

Are you wanting to install the electric fireplace in your kitchen, living room or bedroom? The area you choose to install the fireplace will ultimately affect how it looks and whether or not the style you select will fit. Start with the location before deciding on the unit.

The size of the unit

Next up are the dimensions. Many people overlook the height of fireplaces, assuming that the width is the only factor that’s important. This is far from true. In reality, you need the fireplace’s entire dimensions to guarantee it works within the space provided. Measure your space before you make a purchase.

Energy costs

Electric fireplaces consume more energy than gas or wood burning units, obviously, so you have to consider energy costs as well as the upfront investment. Many fireplaces come with Energy Star ratings right on the label, so you should be able to research this while in the showroom.

Safety rating

When looking for a fireplace in UK stores, the safety rating is another important factor. How the unit is installed, where it connects, and what safety features are already installed into the unit make a big difference for the safety of your family. You can also discuss your concerns with one of our representatives at Fireplace and Stoves Southport for more information.

Whether you want an insert, wall mount or mantel unit

Each type of electric fireplace comes with its own features. They are available in wall mounts, mantel units, or even inserts. The choice is up to you for which will work with your current style. Obviously, the size of your home will also contribute to the unit selection you make.

At Fireplaces and Stoves, we strive to ensure our customers have a plethora of selections to support the fireplace designs they’re looking for. Whatever you’re looking, we’re happy to help you make the ideal electric fireplace selection, so please visit us in Southport for the best selection and customer service!

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